N-Way Technology

N-Way Technology

Ivani’s first publicly announced, patent pending technology is something we call “N-Way.” N-Way is a unique, intelligent lighting and electrical control system. It performs all of the usual smart actions like controlling lights and fans from your phone, dimming, digital timers, etc. But N-Way goes much further than the usual. The N-Way system uses a Hubless Mesh Technology for added security, Energy Monitoring to cut costs, Multi-Way Functionality for convenience, and Presence Sensing for well, a whole lot of useful stuff.

So What’s With The Name, N-Way?

In engineeringese, “N” is a variable that could represent any integer. N-Way technology has never-seen-before user flexibility and energy-saving functionality. You can add as many additional switches as you want to a room or house. How many? N-y amount. We just went with it.

Network Presence Sensing™

Network Presence Sensing™ is identifying the presence of people in a space using an already existing mesh network without additional hardware.  In this case, N-Way switches and outlets create this mesh.  This technology contributes to the world of actionable data collection and has additional implications outside of lighting control including advanced security, optimized HVAC control, and more.

Energy Monitoring

N-Way technology measures energy consumption on a per-device basis. In other words, it can tell you how much energy your kids are consuming running their computers, charging their phones, and keeping their lights on, plus it can aggregate this information for you according to your needs. This promotes behavioral based energy savings. Additionally, with N-Way analytic analysis, the system can provide behavior and/or product suggestions for energy savings.

Hubless Mesh

As you may know, most home automation kits require a hub to operate. N-Way doesn’t require this. N-Way operates directly through your smart device, not through a hackable bridge. Not only does this simplify things, but it increases security.

N-Way Control

Have you ever wondered why a light switch isn’t placed in a more convenient location?  Or have you ever wanted to add switches to a room?  Adding conventional switches to a room is a costly and sometimes destructive process.  N-Way makes it easy to locate fully functional wireless master switches wherever you want, with very little configuration and no additional wiring.