Machine Learning Engineer (Senior & Entry level)

Machine Learning Engineer (Senior & Entry level)

Job description

Machine Learning Engineers at Ivani help analyze the data collected by wireless communication networks, engineer features, and build models to enhance the classification of those features into the various data classes provided by Network Presence Sensing™ technology. Most of the work is done in Python, utilizing a wide range of Machine Learning techniques, from traditional ML models to more complex Deep Learning/Neural Networks. As a part of the Machine Learning team, a candidate would be comfortable working with not only the members of that team, but also the other teams within Ivani. Collaborations with respect to improving data collection, collaborative feature building, and machine learning model porting are all part of a day’s work. Candidates can also expect to support new concepts or develop across teams from time to time. Must enjoy manipulating data, working in higher dimensional space, and having fun at the office.

Suggested Credentials:

  • Strong Python skills, other languages always a plus
  • Comfort using a wide range of Machine Learning techniques to solve problems
  • Strong data analytics capabilities
  • Familiarity with time series data
  • Senior Level- PhD and/or 5+ years of Machine Learning industry experience
  • Entry Level- M.S. Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar

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