What Does “IVANI” Mean?

As part of our company’s genesis, we thought long and hard about what our name should be.  We believe that fun is a very important part of our culture as well as the innovative process.  One of our team members loves word games and anagrams.   After many fun options relating to innovation (our favorite subject), he came up with “IVANI“.


“What if we take out everything that is negative in innovation?” he asked.  “What if we remove the words ‘no‘ and ‘not‘ from innovation?”  So, by removing the letters “n-o” and “n-o-t” from innovation and then shifting a few letters, voila! Ivani it is.

Meet Our Team

At Ivani, we provide the world with innovative solutions to foster everyday sustainability. We believe in syncing technology with daily life and delivering energy efficiency to the world. We are a passionate group of dreamers and doers with a track record of industry-shifting patents and accomplishments.


Herb is the surprise spice in this recipe.  Herb’s background of overcoming the “Cannots” and the “No Ways” provides the team with frequent opportunities needing innovative solutions.  An entrepreneur at heart, Herb’s years of unique solutions have been welcomed by thousands of distributors and their mutual customers. He takes every opportunity to add humor to the mix to ensure that fun accompanies every innovation.


Matt specializes in creating quick turnaround innovative solutions to real problems using systems engineering. An engineer at heart, he has an ever-growing list of granted and pending patents. He holds his ASEP certification from INCOSE, Associate TRIZ certification from the Altshuller Institute, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, and MBA from Walden University.

Justin McKinney

Justin is a mighty fan of other Ivanians and he loves to talk with customers and potential collaborators. He has his Executive MBA from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, and has been in various executive roles over the last 15 years.  Justin has managed collaborative innovation efforts with user groups, key customers, and professor and student teams at some of the top engineering schools in America.


John is an experienced, degreed, technical leader, with many years in corporate America as a senior executive. At heart, his passion is as a practicing, hands on innovative engineer, committed to finding innovative solutions to real world problems. John has a plethora of patents and was recognized as Missouri Inventor of the Year for 1999. He serves as the team’s grizzled older kid.


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.”  Boris is an unreasonable man using his talents at an unreasonable company. He’s a born engineer who officialized his profession at the Franklin W. Olin College of engineering. Boris is at home herding electrons, championing documentation, questioning everything, and routinely re-engineering engineering processes


Travis believes in keeping it simple and enjoys finding simple solutions to difficult problems.

However, when simple doesn’t cut it, he has 9 years of experience designing real-time control algorithms backed by a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology to find a path forward that works.

An advocate of “know thyself,” Travis enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, playing basketball, and over complicating simple home projects.



Brent has had a passion for engineering, particularly involving radio communications since middle school when he built his first transistor radio. After a long strange trip that included playing a key role in the development of surface acoustic wave resonator filters and sensors, getting his PhD when he was older than most of his professors and teaching computer and electrical engineering at Manhattan College, he returned home to St. Louis and joined Ivani. When he is not shaking his head at the antics of Ivani’s young engineering corps, he can be found hanging on the side of a mountain in the dead of winter or exploring other cultures around the world.